Girl Cove: What does personal style mean to you?

Willo: Personal style, to me, is the external manifestation of your internal self. So, for me, my personal style happens to materialize in the most colour and comfort possible. Personal style is the result of a person dressing quite simply, for themselves. When that happens, confidence radiates.

GC: How would you describe your personal style and how has it developed over the years?

W: Again, my personal style at the moment hosts all the colours of the rainbow, and really veers towards profound comfort. I will never, ever forsake comfort for any place, event, or person, and I love that. Speaking on confidence, I feel most confident when I can throw a piece of clothing on, walk out of the house in it, and just as soon fall asleep in it. Loving all the linen, loose fits, and pockets going on in fashion right now for that reason. When I think of how I used to dress, it was never for myself, always within the parameters laid by the trends of the moment, and often times too tight. I didn’t know who I was, and that reflected in what I dressed myself in. Thinking about today and who I am as a young woman in this moment, I feel steadfast in my values and at peace with myself. I think, hopefully, that reflects in what I choose to wear.

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