Joie de Vivre

Emily Guidry discusses the Parisian and feminine influences behind her first collection that was recently showed at the 2018 NSCAD Fashion Gala

GirlCove: When did you realize you wanted to pursue a career in fashion and what prompted that?

Emily: For the longest time I had this idea that a degree in fashion design would lack a sustainable future and so I decided to try graphic design. Once I found myself knitting and sewing more than doing my actual assignments, I knew it was best for me to follow my true instincts and switch my degree. I’ve never looked back since!

GC: Describe the creative process behind your collection.

E: I always start with a story. I like to base my decisions off of a fabricated character or place and then decide what they would like to wear. I’m not one to touch a fabric or see a silhouette and build everything around that, I am more interested in portraying an atmosphere that takes you.

GC: The Parisian influences and feminine details were evident in your collection. Where and/or who did you draw inspiration from?

E: I grew up watching a lot of new wave cinema with stars like Brigitte Bardot, Catherine Deneuve, Audrey Hepburn and Anna Karina. They were playful, unapologetically feminine, and yet had the most simple outfits on. For this collection I tried to implement their cheeky and minimal aesthetics in a new light.

GC: Who did you have in mind when bringing this collection to life (I.e. who can you see wearing it?)

E: When I started making this collection I had set out to make clothes that would be there for people when the stresses of life came their way. Nothing feels more joyful than putting on a pink suit or sailor pants and heading downtown. It’s the little things, like the clothes you wear, that can add so much happiness to your day.

GC: What are some of the challenges you face as an emerging designer just entering the industry?

E: I would say the most challenging thing with industry is approaching it all together. With a lack of experience on your resume, you can bet the first few jobs you get will be unpaid. On the plus side, brands recognize that, with being fresh out of school, you will have new solutions and perspectives to contribute. I think emerging fashion designers have a lot to offer, it’s just a matter getting your first opportunity.

GC: What do you hope to do differently with your next collection?

E: Because I made my collection while I was working part-time and taking other classes, I found that I could not concentrate all of my attention to the project. If I were to do it again [I would] pay closer attention to obtaining more involvement with fellow artists and designers, as well as spending more time researching where I would be sourcing my fabrics. I believe that the future of fashion is heading towards more ethical guidelines; I think there is a real value to it and would love to implement it more.

Photos by @judithmorrisphoto

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