Girl On The Moon Crochet

by Marielle Nicol

Before starting Girl On The Moon Crochet about two years ago, it was important to Alison Durning that she find the best source for her yarn. Having spent her previous years working in the fast-fashion industry with “high volume, low-quality products,” quality was a priority.

Today, all Girl On The Moon bikinis and crop tops are handmade right here in Nova Scotia from Peruvian yarn.

“I found that all of the best quality cottons were coming from Peru”, says Durning.

Not long after this discovery, she spent two months there, one of them living with the family that runs the local textile business.

Durning got to know the community and worked with the textile business on design and quality improvements. In the end, they set up a partnership and Durning came back to Canada with a ton of their products. Among them were these pillows, handmade by Peruvian women.

Upon returning to Halifax, Durning was surprised to see the number of local businesses flourishing and the support they were receiving from locals.

“It’s so cool to see how much people really support local businesses. I think that that’s such a good way to start if you want to start shopping more ethically or even making more conscious choices about where you buy things from.”

For Durning, greater attention to sustainability is the only feasible future for the fashion industry.

“I feel like that’s the future of fashion and where it has to go.”

You can purchase her bathing suits on her Etsy page, over her Instagram, or at the Halifax Maker’s Market on September 22.


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