Poetry: The Infamy of This Scene

by Dina Lobo

I wrote this poem after reflecting on the shame I felt in simply connecting with my sexuality. I felt a sharp contrast in embracing pleasure with a guilty and shameful feeling overshadowing it all. I have talked to many women who have shared this sentiment. This rising of shame when they first begin to explore their sexuality with their partners, before fully embracing the right we have to this natural feeling. 

The Infamy of this Scene

Testosterone and the sound behind Adam’s Larynx
the pauses swim quietly before it erupts
and then ripples of him touch my skin before my ear
the fertile blood pumps through my most feminine fields
my fields swelling and my eyes shut for the sake of imagination
taught to hide behind the cloaks of patriarchy
The infamy of this scene
I watch the heat and myself within my eyes spread down to my thighs
the metamorphosis of girl to an empowered raw Eve
upwards again and downwards, the nauseating pleasure
parallel to the full lips I cut my teeth with
and my fields yell on the sounds of the heroine of this all
and this heat fogs my reputation for centuries
The infamy of this scene
I only have the tips of my nails to hold these feminine scars
the same tips that do good before they reach for the fields again
and the rush behind my ribs shake me out of death and instead
into I go with fields unclothed, proud and vulnerable
touch without touch
smirks tucked beneath my rights, but they still said
The infamy of this scene

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