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Hanna Nicholls – Hanna has been reading fashion magazines for as long as she can remember and they have played a vital role in shaping her personal style over the years. Hanna learned about confidence and self-expression through fashion; She’s a pop culture junkie, a keen observer of our contemporary social culture, and a proud feminist killjoy. In her (limited) spare time, you can find her working on various sewing and crafting projects, getting excited about lunch, and almost definitely complaining about wearing pants that aren’t her (cherished) floral sweatpants.  

Dina Lobo – An angsty and gesticulating Dina can be seen explaining the toxicity of white male fragility, the importance of intersectional feminism, and problematic trends in pop culture. When she’s not indulging in existential questions about the human condition, she feels the need to explore perspectives of neglected voices through her (broke) life as a freelance journalist and emerging filmmaker. To Dina, self-expression through style is a defense mechanism to all of life’s negative aspects and believes fashion is a political and an underrated art form. Rihanna once said “she can beat me, but she cannot beat my outfit,” and Dina shares that sentiment.

Marielle Nicol is a lover of beautiful things, both material and immaterial. She seeks to embrace and embody the synthesis of opposites in herself and in the world: extrovert and introvert, grateful and dissatisfied, good and evil. This is driven by a belief in a fundamental harmony of all things, an example of which she finds in music. Contradictions she hopes to rectify include the seeming opposition between style and intelligence. Marielle is openly addicted to caffeine and has recently started roasting her own espresso beans.  


Pictures by Brandon Young